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When you're in the market to buy a home, the excitement of finding the perfect property can sometimes overshadow the importance of ensuring it's structurally sound and free of hidden issues. That's where home inspections come into play – a crucial step in the home buying process that can save you from potential headaches down the road.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough examination of a property's condition, typically conducted by a certified home inspector. It involves assessing various aspects of the home, including its structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), roofing, insulation, and more. The primary goal is to identify any existing or potential problems that could affect the safety, functionality, or value of the property.

Curious Questions from Home Buyers

Home inspections may raise numerous questions for all home buyers:

  • - Why do we need to hire an inspector and what do you guys do?
  • - How long does a home inspection take?
  • - Should the buyer be present during the inspection?
  • - Can a home fail an inspection?
  • - What happens if the inspection uncovers problems?

To delve deeper into the world of home inspections, we had the opportunity to sit down with Joe, a seasoned home inspector with years of experience in the field. In an exclusive interview, Joe shares his expert insights on some of the most common questions buyers have about home inspections. Check this out now !  (Interview conducted in English, with Chinese subtitles)


什麼是驗房 ?




為什麼我們需要聘請驗房師, 他們都做些什麼?


驗房期間應該在場嗎 ?




賣房 Pre-Inspection需要做嗎 


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With Gateway Skytrain Station just a 10-minute walk away and over 6,000 sqft of amenity spaces thoughtfully designed to foster wellness and community, Stowa is your gateway to comfort and connectedness.


  Project Summary  (項目資訊)


10968 Ravine Road, Surrey BC


Genaris Properties

⚜️Estimated Completion 


⚜️Deposit structure 

10% total deposit 

Starting Price (起價)

🛏️ Studio

From the high $200,000’s

🛏️ 1 Bed

From the mid $400,000’s

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Floor Plan平面圖

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March Stats


Sales : 2,415 (Up 16.7% from February)

銷售 : 2,415  (相比二月上升16.7% )
Month of Inventory : 4.37 (Balanced Market)
庫存月份 : 4.37  (平衡市場)

Home Price : 1,196,800  (Up 1.14% from February) 

價格指數 : 1,196,800  (相比二月上升1.14%)


As we progress into 2024, the Vancouver real estate market has demonstrated resilience and evolving dynamics in March. With slight fluctuations in sales and inventory levels, along with steady price increases, here’s a breakdown of the key trends and what they could mean for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Sales Trends

This March saw a total of 2,415 property sales, marking a decrease of 4.7% from March 2023, when sales reached 2,535. This downturn is significant, as sales are now 31% below the 10-year average. Such a dip indicates a cooler market, which might be partly attributed to various economic pressures and buyer hesitancy.

Listings and Inventory

On the brighter side, new listings have seen a considerable uptick. This March, 5,002 new listings were recorded, up 15.9% from the previous year’s 4,317. Despite this increase, the total listings still fall short of the 10-year average by 9.5%, underscoring a persistent tightness in available properties.

The month of inventory (MOI) sat at a balanced 4.37, slightly lower than in February. Real estate agents have noted that market activity feels less brisk compared to the previous month, suggesting a stabilization in buyer and seller dynamics.

Home Price Index

Interestingly, despite lower sales volumes, the average home price has risen by 1.14% year-over-year to $1,196,800. This increase indicates robust demand in certain market segments and perhaps a scarcity of highly sought-after property types, maintaining upward pressure on prices.

Property Type Insights

Inventory dynamics vary significantly across different property types:

  • Single-family homes have a higher MOI of 5.5, suggesting a slower market with more supply relative to demand.
  • Townhouses, showing stronger demand, have a lower MOI of 3.19.
  • Condos stand at an MOI of 3.88, indicating a fairly balanced market.


In Richmond, particularly in the Terra Nova area, detached homes have seen remarkable sales activity. Notable increases in sales have also been recorded across other regions:

  • Maple Ridge: +42%
  • New Westminster: +140%
  • Port Coquitlam: +72%
  • Tsawwassen: +36%
  • Ladner: +67%

These areas are significantly outperforming the general market trend, with detached homes "on fire" – a term indicating rapid sales and high buyer interest.


March’s market figures suggest nuanced shifts in Vancouver’s real estate landscape. While the overall sales volume has decreased, strategic areas and property types continue to thrive, reflecting the heterogeneous nature of real estate trends across the region. For potential buyers and investors, these insights underscore the importance of localized knowledge and strategic planning, especially in areas with escalating sales activity. Sellers might find opportunities in adjusting expectations and strategies according to the specific dynamics of their property type and location.

As we move deeper into the year, observing these trends will be crucial for those looking to navigate the complexities of the Vancouver real estate market effectively.











  • 單戶住宅的MOI較高,為5.5,表明市場較慢,供應相對於需求較多。
  • 聯排別墅表現出更強的需求,MOI為3.19。
  • 公寓的MOI為3.88,與二月份相似。


在列治文,特別是在Terra Nove地區,聯排別墅銷售活動顯著。其他地區的獨立房記錄了顯著的銷售增加:

  • 楓橋市(Maple Ridge):+42%
  • 新西敏(New Westminster):+140%
  • 高貴林港(Port Coquitlam):+72%
  • 蔡桑尼(Tsawwassen):+36%
  • 拉德納(Ladner):+67%

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As Vancouver awakens to the warmth of spring, the city is adorned with the delicate pink and white hues of cherry blossoms. This picturesque season invites both residents and tourists to explore the blossoming landscapes that highlight the city's natural beauty. Here's a fresh take on where to find these captivating blooms for an unforgettable spring experience.

In the heart of Kitsilano, the cherry blossoms create an enchanting canopy, making every street corner a photographic masterpiece. This neighborhood becomes a canvas of pink, embodying the essence of spring.

The stretch along Graveley Street from Lillooet to Rupert Street is transformed into a breathtaking avenue of blossoms. This corridor offers a tranquil escape, where the cherry trees line the streets in harmonious splendor.

The intersection of East 3rd and Cassiar Street emerges as a vibrant showcase of cherry blossoms. This area invites onlookers to meander through its blossoming paths, offering a sensory feast of sights and scents.

Arbutus Ridge is yet another locale where cherry blossoms abound, painting the neighborhood in various shades of pink. Here, the blossoms are a testament to the area's vibrant spring spirit.

For those seeking the tranquility of parks, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and VanDusen Botanical Garden are prime destinations. These parks are not only green havens but also host an impressive display of cherry blossoms, creating a perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls or picnics.

Granville Island and Sunset Beach Park blend urban charm with natural beauty, offering stunning views of cherry blossoms against the cityscape and waterfront.

Vanier Park and the vicinity of Burrard SkyTrain Station also join the city's cherry blossom celebration. These spots prove that the beauty of spring can flourish in the most unexpected places.

Vancouver's cherry blossom season is a fleeting marvel that captures the heart of spring. Each of these locations offers a unique view of the city under the bloom, ensuring that the essence of the season is savored and remembered.

Don't forget to check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival's interactive map at to plan your cherry blossom viewing adventure. You may visit the official website of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival at which containa wealth of activities and information related to cherry blossoms.



從Lillooet到Rupert Street的Graveley Street,被轉化為令人驚嘆的櫻花大道。這條走廊提供了一個寧靜的逃脫之地,櫻花樹沿街排列,展現出和諧的光輝。

East 3rd和Cassiar Street的交叉口是櫻花的生動展示場。這個地區邀請遊人穿梭於其盛放的小徑中,提供了一場觀覽視覺和氣味的盛宴。

Arbutus Ridge是另一個櫻花盛開的地方,將社區塗上各種粉紅色調。在這裡,櫻花證明了這個地區充滿生機的春季精神。

對於那些尋求公園寧靜的人來說,Stanley Park,Queen Elizabeth Park和VanDusen Botanical Garden是首選目的地。這些公園不僅是綠色的避風港,還展示了令人印象深刻的櫻花展示,為悠閑漫步或野餐提供了完美的背景。

Granville Island和Sunset Beach Park將城市的魅力與自然美融合在一起,為您呈現出城市景觀和海濱上壯麗的櫻花景色。

Vanier ParkBurrard SkyTrain Station附近的區域也加入了這個城市的櫻花盛會。這些地方證明了春天的美麗可以在最意想不到的地方綻放。


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As the flowers bloom and the sun shines brighter, Easter is just around the corner, bringing with it a plethora of exciting events for families to enjoy in Metro Vancouver. From adorable baby animals to egg hunts and interactive cabarets, there's something for everyone to celebrate the season of renewal and joy.


1. Easter Egg Hunt - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden 🥚
📍 Location: Vancouver
📅 Date: March 31, 2024
🕒 Time: 11 am to 2 pm
🌟 Wonder: Embark on a journey of discovery at the tranquil garden with a mesmerizing magic show, creative arts and crafts, popcorn delights, and a charming Easter goody bag for the entire family.
🌍Learn more:

2. Easter at the Cannery - Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site 🐟
📍 Location: Richmond
📅 Date: March 29 to 31, 2024
🕒 Time: 10:30 am to 4 pm
🌟 Discovery: Delve into a weekend of crafts, storytelling, games, and the beloved Easter Salmon Scavenger Hunt suitable for all ages at this historic gem.
Learn more:

3. Brick-tastic Easter - Capilano Mall 🐇
📍 Location: North Vancouver
📅 Date: March 30, 2024
🕒 Time: Noon to 2 pm
🌟 Imagination: Build your own Lego Easter Egg, capture a moment with the Easter Bunny amidst a Lego wonderland, and stand a chance to win a delightful gift card at Capilano Mall's festive celebration.
Learn more:

4. Old Fashioned Egg Hunt - Historic Stewart Farm 🥚
📍 Location: Surrey
📅 Date: March 30, 2024
🕒 Times: 11 am to noon, 1 to 2 pm, and 3 to 4 pm
🌟 Nostalgia: Step back in time at the historic Stewart Farm, where heritage demonstrations, crafts, and delectable refreshments await, offering a charming Easter experience for the whole family.

5. Easter Train - Bear Creek Park 🚂 
📍Location: Surrey
📅 Date: March 16 to April 1, 2024
🕒 Time: 10 am to 6 pm
🌟 Excitement: All aboard the Easter train for a day of arts and crafts, egg hunts, photo ops, and a delightful petting zoo, promising a day of cherished memories for children and adults alike.
🌍Learn more:

6. Baby Animal Easter Days - Maan Farms 🐣
📅 Date: March 29 to 31, 2024
🕒 Time: 10 am to 3 pm
🌟 Enchantment: Immerse yourself in a world of adorable baby animals, delectable Egg-cellent Ice Cream, and the whimsical presence of the Easter Bunny at Maan Farms. A magical experience for all ages!
🌍Learn more:

7. Greater Easter Egg Hunt with Peter Rabbit and Friends - Barnet Marine Park & Blue Mountain Park🐰 
📍  Location: Burnaby  
📅 Date: March 30, 2024: Barnet Marine Park / March 31, 2024: Blue Mountain Park 
🕒 Time:  11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm 
🌟 Adventure: Join Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail Rabbit, and their friends for an exciting Easter Egg Hunt with outdoor games, crafts, and activities. Children will explore enchanting farm and forest settings, solving riddles and overcoming obstacles for a memorable adventure.
🌍Learn more:

  1. 1. 復活節尋蛋活動 - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden 🥚 

  2. 📍 地點:溫哥華
    📅 日期:2024年3月31日
    🕒 時間:上午11點至下午2點
    🌟 奇妙之旅:在這座寧靜的園林中開啟一場探索之旅,享受迷人的魔術表演、創意手工藝、爆米花美食,以及為全家準備的迷人復活節禮包。
    🌍 了解更多:

  3. 2. Easter at the Cannery - Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site  🐟
     📍 地點:列治文
     📅 日期:2024年3月29日至31日
    🕒 時間:上午10:30至下午4點
    🌟 探索之旅:在這個歷史寶藏中,度過一個充滿手工藝、故事講述、遊戲和深受喜愛的復活節鮭魚尋寶活動的週末,適合所有年齡段的人。
    🌍 了解更多:

  4. 3. Brick-tastic Easter - Capilano Mall 🐇
    📍 地點:北溫哥華
    📅 日期:2024年3月30日
     🕒 時間:中午至下午2點
    🌟 想象力:在樂高奇境中與復活節兔合影留念,自己動手搭建樂高復活節蛋,並有機會贏得令人愉悅的禮品卡,於卡皮蘭諾購物中心享受節日慶典。
    🌍 了解更多:

  5. 4. Old Fashioned Egg Hunt - Historic Stewart Farm  🥚
     📍 地點:Surrey
    📅 日期:2024年3月30日
    🕒 時間:上午11點至中午,下午1點至2點,以及下午3點至4點
    🌟 懷舊:在歷史悠久的斯圖爾特農場,回到過去,那裡有傳統手工示範、手工藝和美味的茶點等你,為全家提供一個迷人的復活節體驗。

  6. 5. Easter Train - Bear Creek Park 🚂
     📍 地點:Surrey
    📅 日期:2024年3月16日至4月1日
    🕒 時間:上午10點至下午6點
    🌟 興奮:登上復活節列車,享受一天的藝術和手工藝、尋蛋活動、拍照機會,以及令人愉悅的動物園,為孩子們和成年人帶來珍貴的回憶。
    🌍 了解更多:

  7. 6. Baby Animal Easter Days - Maan Farms 🐣
    📍 地點:Abbotsford
    📅 日期:2024年3月29日至31日
    🕒 時間:上午10點至下午3點
    🌟 魔幻:在Maan Farms擁抱一個充滿可愛嬰兒動物、美味的Egg-cellent冰淇淋和復活節兔神奇出現的世界。為所有年齡段的人提供一個魔幻的體驗!
    🌍 了解更多:

  8. 7. Greater Easter Egg Hunt with Peter Rabbit and Friends - Barnet Marine Park & Blue Mountain Park🐰
    📍 地點:本拿比
    📅 日期:2024年3月30日:Barnet Marine Park / 2024年3月31日:Blue Mountain Park
    🕒 時間:上午11點, 下午1點, 下午3點
    🌟 冒險:與Peter Rabbit 、Lily Bobtail Rabbit 和他們的朋友們一起,參加一場令人興奮的復活節尋蛋活動,享受戶外遊戲、手工藝和活動。孩子們將探索迷人的農場和森林環境,解開謎題並克服障礙,為他們帶來一次難忘的冒險。 
    🌍 了解更多:

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Ethaos Metrotown


  Project Summary  (項目資訊)


6596 Marlborough Avenue, Burnaby


Anthem Properties

⚜️Estimated Completion 

Late 2027

⚜️Deposit structure 

15% total deposit + an assignment fee of $1,000

⚜️Strata Fee  


Starting Price (起價)

🛏️ 1 Beds

From the high $600,000’s

🛏️ 2 Bed + Dens 

From the mid $900,000’s

🛏️ 3 Beds

From the mid $1,100,000’s

Floor Plan平面圖

🛏️1 Bed + Dens

🛏️2 Bed + Dens 

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